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Problems that may occur when the screw feeder is in use and their solutions

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Problems that may occur when the screw feeder is in use and their solutions

  1. The touch screen of the screw feeder is displayed normally, but all functions cannot be used. The touch screen is sluggish and displays communication words: the communication between the touch screen and PLC is not normal. Check whether the touch screen and PLC communication line are well connected; check whether the PLC input power supply is normal.

  2. Safe photoelectric sensing of objects during frequent operation: Improper adjustment of the safety photoelectric sensing distance; adjust the sensing distance. Avoid strong light on the sensor.

  3. The power is not connected, use a multimeter to measure whether there is AC220v voltage input between the line number L and N of the electrical box. If there is no voltage, please check whether the power plug is normally powered. If there is a normal voltage input, proceed to the next step. If the fuse is blown, use a multimeter to measure whether there is AC220V voltage between line No. 1 and N. If there is no voltage and the fuse socket indicator light is on, it can be determined that the FU1 fuse is blown. Please replace the 1A fuse after removing the possible cause of the fuse. If there is voltage between 1, N, it can be determined that the power indicator is broken or the power button is broken. The buttons of the same model need to be replaced.

4. The unloader of the screw feeder does not push the plate, and the upper plate rack directly drops from the upper part to the bottom after entering the frame to send the frame out: the step sensor does not sense properly, and the step sensor is offset, causing the pulse sensor to fail to sense . The step sensor (670) is damaged, or the related plug is loose.

  5. The touch screen displays that the upper or lower limit is exceeded and alarms: the upper or lower limit of the screw feeder is abnormal, the upper and lower limit sensors are loose, or the wiring is bad; the upper and lower limit U-shaped sensors (671) are damaged; the signal connection plug is loose. The upper and lower limit sensors are loose or the wiring is bad; the upper and lower limit U-shaped sensors (671) are damaged; the signal connection plug is loose.

   Why is the screw feeder so popular?

The screw feeder is an indispensable equipment for many manufacturing companies. It has a very professional and efficient function, especially the vacuum screw feeder, which solves many problems in the production industry. Let’s take a look at this vacuum screw together. What are the advantages of the feeder and why is it so popular?

   First of all, we know that a machine is mainly used with high efficiency and long life. And the screw feeder we often use not only has this feature, the main thing is that it is also very easy to clean, which is very beneficial to our daily use of the screw feeder, because the general machine only needs cleaning time It will be very long, and our machine greatly saves you time.

Secondly, the environment of the screw feeder is different, so the requirements for the machine itself will be relatively high, but our screw feeder has a very wide temperature range and can be used in various environments. Of companies are very practical. In addition to these advantages, as a common machine, the screw feeder has the advantage of being very simple to maintain, which is why the screw feeder is so widely used.

  What are the advantages of screw feeder design

  The screw feeder is generally mainly used for the transportation of materials. Its installation and operation are very simple, and it can realize long-distance transportation, which has a good effect on fully automatic production. What are the advantages of the vacuum powder feeder? Let's take a look.

   First of all, the screw feeder has a wide range of uses, and it is generally used in some injection molding raw materials transportation and so on. It is a fully open mechanism, adopts a floor-to-ceiling form, and is very simple to maintain and use during use. If there is a problem with the machine, a system flashlight will automatically alarm.

  Secondly, the screw feeder is controlled by a microcomputer, so it is very precise and stable. There is a working status indicator light on the operation panel of the screw feeder, which will prompt if there is an accident.

   The application of screw feeder can be combined freely, and the efficiency of automatic operation is very high. The raw materials can be transported to the designated location in a relatively short time. The vacuum powder feeder can greatly improve the working environment, and it also reduces the use of labor costs, which can effectively reduce the production cost. The rear screw feeder is very user-friendly. Its filter bodies are relatively independent and easy to clean. It also uses a stainless steel bucket and filter screen design, which is very convenient to clean and can avoid secondary pollution.

   Screw feeder is a kind of feeder, it can be used in conjunction with some other equipment, other equipment includes various specifications of extruder, high-speed mixer. Their combined use can effectively improve work efficiency.

   Screw feeder is very useful. It can serve as an auxiliary supporting machine for molecular compound plastic processing machinery, in which it can purify the raw materials in molecular compounds, and the raw materials can be divided into granular and dusty. Its purification is achieved by selectively transporting molecular compounds. Moreover, in this process, no manpower is required, and it can be directly transported into the hopper, and during the transportation process, it is completely enclosed, no foreign matter will appear, and no personnel will be contacted, thus avoiding these factors to transport materials. Pollution. The screw feeder is a mobile device that can effectively solve the problem of feeding on multiple grounds. One screw feeder can solve the feeding problem of multiple mixers.

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